7 Facts You Never Knew About Liquid Glucosamine

Liquid Glucosamine: 7 Facts You Should Know

Liquid Glucosamine Fact #1. Glucosamine is naturally produced by our bodies, did you know that? Like everything else, glucosamine production decreases as we age. Liquid glucosamine is an excellent product for arthritis pain because it can help replenish glucosamine levels.

Liquid Glucosamine Fact #2. Liquid glucosamine is critical to producing the nutrients we need to produce synovial fluid. Synovial fluid lubricates our cartilage and maintains healthy joints.

Liquid Glucosamine Fact #3. If glucosamine levels are not replaced the following might happen to you:
*hardening of cartilage
*bone spurs
*joint deformities
*limited range of motion (flexibility)
**the above could lead to osteoarthritis

Liquid Glucosamine Fact #4. There are many different grades of glucosamine ranging from low to high grade. The majority of glucosamine is found in powder or pill form which means your digestive system needs to break it down before it can be absorbed. Liquid glucosamine does not need to be broken down therefore it is readily absorbed. Basically the absorption process will begin in your mouth, before it even hits your stomach.

Liquid Glucosamine Fact #5. Glucosamine when combined with other arthritis ingredients produces a synergistic effect. Glucosamine like many other vitamins and minerals, needs other ingredients to be properly absorbed into your cells.

Liquid Glucosamine Fact #6. How much liquid glucosamine should a person consume on a daily basis? If you do research on the internet, you will find that most people recommend between 1250 to 1500 mg per day.

Liquid Glucosamine Fact #7. Arthritis and joint pain can be a painful situation, but if you can find a liquid product that contains the following ingredients, your joints will be much happier:

*omega 3
*omega 6
*vitamin A
*Vitamin C
*Vitamin E
*Shark Cartilage
*Chondroitin Sulfate
*Manganese Ascorbate

Each ingredient either assists liquid glucosamine absorption, repair joint damage, builds a healthy joint and reduce joint pain.

Make it a pain free day.

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