Green Tea Dosage And The Best Way To Get It

You will find many health benefits attributed to green tea. Benefits like lower cardiovascular disease, lower risks of cancer, lower blood cholesterol, fewer cavities, fewer respiratory infections, promotes weight loss, and healthier digestive tract. But you may ask what is the right green tea dosage.

Since green tea contains caffeine, drinking too much can over stimulate the body. I am one who cannot tolerate a lot of caffeine. I tend to get very hyper, and talk way too fast when I drink more than one cup of tea or coffee. The first question my kids ask me when I talk too fast is how much tea or coffee have I had. So for me the green tea dosage may be less than for you if you tolerate caffeine better than I do.

Many studies done on the benefits of green tea are based on three cups of tea a day. Other studies show you need to drink as many as 10 cups a day to get any noticeable difference in your health. I have never drank that much tea in a day, but I am sure if I consumed 10 cups of any caffeine containing beverage in a day I would be bouncing off the walls.

That?s one of the reasons why I chose to get my green tea dosage in a supplement that contains decaffeinated green tea extract. The one I take combines 60mg of green tea extract with many other beneficial nutrients, so I am getting a totally balanced nutritional supplement all in the same bottle.

The other reason I choose to take the particular supplement I use is because it contains everything I need to stay healthy. I like the idea of having just one bottle of pills instead of a whole shelf full.

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